Professional Ethics and Conduct Policy

Professional Ethics and Conduct Policy

1. Purpose of the Policy

 The purpose of this policy is to apply a code of professional ethics to the workplace which is consistent with the mission, values, and objectives of Upper Hunter Youth Services (UHYS) and with best practice in the industry. This policy is to be used in conjunction with the Upper Hunter Youth Service Code of Conduct.

2. Application

This policy applies to all staff, Management Committee members, volunteers, and contractors of Upper Hunter Youth Services. 

3. Procedure

Working with People

When working with one another, clients and service users, external stakeholders, and other agency representatives, UHYS Management Committee and staff members will be respectful, honest, and courteous. All UHYS Management Committee and staff members will give accurate information and prompt attention and observe fairness and equity in their dealings with others.

Working with Clients

When interacting or working with people using the services, UHYS Management Committee and staff members will:

  • Always treat clients with respect and be mindful of their rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Always show respect for people’s cultural or religious sensitivities or requirements and ensure the responsiveness of the service to their particular needs and circumstances.
  • Ensure that clients are provided with, and understand, all information relevant to their situation, options available to them and conditions of use for the service.
  • Ensure they have access to independent advocacy or support if they require in making any decisions
  • Be aware of personal boundaries and never enter have an inappropriate relationship with a service user.
  • Not encourage clients to give gifts.
  • Not personally accept any money.
  • Follow the Donations and Gift Policy when receiving any gifts.

Standards in the Professional Environment

All UHYS Management Committee and staff members are required to:

  • Attend scheduled meetings and/or work in the times agreed and notify UHYS and other stakeholders if they will be absent. Staff must report and account for all leave taken, record attendance and obtain approval from the Manager before changing their work times. The Manager must seek approval from the Chairperson of the UHYS Management Committee.
  • Comply with the requirements of their Position Descriptions, UHYS Management Committee Membership requirements, and agreed work plans or other agreements made with UHYS, paying appropriate attention to policies and procedures, and quality and detail in their work.
  • Provide accurate and honest information to the UHYS Management Committee or Manager about work completed and challenges experienced in completing work.
  • Follow instructions that are reasonable and lawful and within their capability and training.
  • Report any suspected corrupt or fraudulent practices of others. Any UHYS Management Committee or staff member making a report will be protected from reprisal in line with the NSW legislation around protective disclosures.
  • Observe the requirements for conditions of employment and safety as described in UHYS Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Policy.
  • Perform their duties unaffected by alcohol or the use of drugs other than those prescribed for them by a medical practitioner.
  • Maintain a harmonious, co-operative, and productive workplace, respectful of diversity.
  • Ensure they do not use their position to exert inappropriate influence over others.

Service Participation

UHYS Management Committee and Staff members will:

  • Share a commitment to the values and objectives of UHYS.
  • Work within priorities identified by the UHYS Management Committee and management.
  • Actively participate in planning and consultative processes where appropriate and contribute to the development of the organisation.
  • Use the specified communication channels for reporting and direction.
  • Provide and receive constructive, professional, and courteous feedback and criticism.


UHYS Management Committee and Staff members will:

  • Work together towards agreed work objectives and goals and communicate regularly with one another about progress.
  • Work together to look for ways to improve work methods and to solve workplace and service-related problems.
  • Give support and guidance to each other, ensure appropriate training and development, and recognise each other’s results and achievements.

Use of Resources

UHYS Management Committee and staff members will:

  • Ensure they have the necessary delegation to authorise expenditure or make use of organisational resources.
  • Only use organisational materials, facilities, funds, people, and equipment for authorised purposes and take responsible steps to prevent misuse by others.
  • Conserve and efficiently use resources through recycling, energy saving and waste minimisation.


UHYS Management Committee and staff members will:

  • Observe the organisation’s policies regarding privacy and confidentiality when disclosing sensitive or confidential information and provide access to information when required by law or to assist other staff in their duties.
  • Not misuse information obtained at work either for financial reward or gain, or for taking advantage of another person.
  • Observe the organisation’s policies regarding information management and follow specified practices in the collection, storage and disposal of files and other records.
4. Related Documents and Policies

All Upper Hunter Youth Service Policy and Procedures relate to this document. The key ones include:

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  • Information Technology (IT), use of Internet, Email and Social Media Policy
 5. Responsible Officer/Policy Owner

The Management Committee and Manager are responsible for the implementation and review of this policy. 

6. Attachments

6.1 Acknowledgement of understanding the Professional Ethics and Conduct Policy

I have read and understood the Professional Ethics and Conduct Policy and agree to abide by the content set within it.

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