At Upper Hunter Youth Services (UHYS), we understand that every young person’s journey is individual and offer a range of support services to support young people and families to achieve the outcomes that they identify. We are committed to building strong communities that can empower young people and their families:

Adolescent and Family Counsellor

Our experienced counsellor provides a safe and confidential space for young people and their families to address emotional challenges, navigate transitions, and build resilience.

Youth and Family Case Worker

Our case worker offers advocacy, guidance, and referrals to ensure that young people and their families have the resources they need to address challenges and thrive.

Youth Programs Centre

A vibrant hub designed for young people aged 10 to 18, our Youth Programs Centre fosters a sense of belonging, provides a platform for creative expression, and offers a variety of engaging programs and activities.

Evidence-Based Youth Programs

Our evidence-based programs are designed to promote personal growth, develop life skills, and empower young individuals to make informed choices.

UHYS remains dedicated to creating a supportive environment where young people can access the support they require, parents and caregivers can access valuable resources, schools can collaborate for stronger communities, and referral partners can work together for a collective impact.

Explore each of our services in detail to discover how we can assist and support young people to excel, families thrive, and the entire community prosper. Whether it’s professional counselling, engaging programs, or a safe place for self-expression, UHYS is here to make a difference in the lives of young people in the Upper Hunter region.

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To access support from UHYS, individuals or their families can reach out directly or be referred by schools, healthcare providers, or community organisations.