Referral Partnerships

Strengthening Connections for Positive Impact

Referral Partnerships

Strengthening Connections for Positive Impact

Collaboration is at the heart of creating meaningful change in the lives of our youth and families. This section is dedicated to our valued referral partners, outlining our referral process, the opportunities for partnership, and a streamlined way to refer individuals who can benefit from our services.

Referral Process: Guiding the Way

At UHYS, we believe that working together amplifies our ability to make a difference. Our referral process is designed to be smooth and efficient. We provide a clear pathway for our referral partners to refer individuals to our services. Whether you’re a school, a healthcare provider, or a community organisation, our process ensures that young people and their families receive the support they need when they need it.

Unlocking Partnership Opportunities

Joining forces with UHYS as a referral partner is more than just a collaboration, it’s an opportunity to be part of a network committed to creating positive impact. By becoming a referral partner, you open the door to various benefits. These include the chance to engage in joint initiatives, co-create programs, and drive change within our community. Together, we can enhance the lives of youth and families in the Upper Hunter region.

Seamless Referral with our Online Form

We understand that convenience matters. Our user-friendly online referral form simplifies the process of submitting referrals. This tool is tailored to external entities like schools, healthcare providers, and community organisations. With just a few clicks, you can submit a basic version of the referral form. The submitted information will be directed to our dedicated staff members, ensuring a prompt and personalised response. This is a small yet crucial step in ensuring that the young people and families we serve receive the care they deserve.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

As a valued referral partner, your engagement goes beyond the referral itself. Explore our Resources and Education section to access a treasure trove of materials, guides, and tools designed to support schools, healthcare providers, and community organisations. Discover resources on mental health, youth empowerment, and community engagement that align with our mission to uplift the youth of the Upper Hunter region.

Collaboration through Workshops and Training

We understand the importance of ongoing learning and professional development. Visit our Workshops and Training section to discover a range of training opportunities that could benefit your team. While we don’t conduct these training sessions ourselves, we’re dedicated to promoting relevant training happening within the community. By staying informed about available training, you can ensure that your team remains well-equipped to support the youth of the Upper Hunter.