An Exhibition To Be Proud Of

An Exhibition To Be Proud Of

Upper Hunter Youth Services (UHYS) after school “Youthies” group were offered an exciting opportunity to come together and create a collective art project that would be displayed in the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. The gallery empowered the youth with total controlof the overall theme and art style they wished to present. Fitting in with our core values and celebration of individuality within the youth centre, the theme “Pride” was decided.

The youth members worked with the amazing artist Torie from PCYC Muswellbrook, who volunteered her time for over two months while the artworks were developed. Torie assisted the youth in expanding their creative ideas to produce the 12 artworks that can be seen on display at the gallery. Many discussions of encouragement and perseverance were had during this process as youth doubted their ability, however, when nearing the end, youth picked up their pace and added their final touches as the project came together.

“It was such a pleasure collaborating with the UHYS youth to create this “Pride” exhibition piece. Alyssa and the team are wonderful supports for the youth and it was amazing to be a part of a group that empowers and encourages the skills of our local youth.”- Torie  PCYC

This project was a celebration of creativity and self-expression. The collaborative “Pride” piece echoes the unity and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and presents literal and abstract representations of what it means to take pride in who you are.

“Finished! WOW! It looks really good with all of theirs. Mum is excited to come to the opening night on Saturday!”- Mutya, UHYS Member

Upper Hunter Youth Services afterschool youth group is dedicated to promoting wellbeing, connection, safety and respect to all youth within our community. Through this artwork developed by local youth, for local youth, our message of welcome, support and encouragement can be shared with the entire community.

Additionally, Upper Hunter Youth Services facilitated ‘Heart to Heart’ over Term’s 3 and 4, a school-based program that uses the power of creativity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people who are challenged by life.

Through participation in carefully structured arts classes and other activities, students are given the opportunity to learn skills and methods to improve their emotional and social wellbeing.

Our Adolescent and Family Counsellor, Taya, Youth Family Support Worker, Mel and Muswellbrook Highschool Wellbeing Staff worked through this program with guidance from artist Martha Moderitz. The young women who participated in the program recreated an artwork by contemporary Australian artist Helen McCullagh, ‘Love is to play II’ 2021 over for the entirety of the term 3 program.

Artworks developed during the Heart to Heart program were also presented to be displayed alongside the “Pride” exhibition piece at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, to further strengthen our community connections and show off our talented and dedicated local youth of who we are so PROUD!.

The collaborative UHYS “Pride” and MHS “Heart to Heart” artworks are on display at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre until Saturday 23rd December 2023.

Read more from Mel on the Heart to Heart Program here

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Alyssa Mackay
Senior Youth Worker, Upper Hunter Youth Services

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