Heart to Heart: Cultivating Creativity and Connection

Heart to Heart: Cultivating Creativity and Connection

Heart to Heart is a school based program that offers young people a window into the power of creativity, mindfulness and connection to others. Through a carefully structured program, the participants are taken on a journey to connect with their inner selves while honing the skills to craft a masterpiece. The program offers valuable opportunities to acquire techniques and methods for enhancing emotional and social wellbeing.

Addressing Mental Health Risks: Statistics reveal the alarming reality—1 in 4 young people face the risk of serious mental illness. This risk intensifies as they transition through adolescence, with Indigenous groups and young women facing even greater challenges. You can read more statistics on youth mental illness here

Heart to Heart emerges as a proactive response to this statistic, providing a nurturing space for mental health care.

Upper Hunter Youth Services staff have had the privilege of getting the Heart to Heart program started in schools across the local area.

Our current Heart to Heart program is flourishing at Muswellbrook High School, with this term’s focus on year 8 girls. Last term, we successfully facilitated the program with the year 7 cohort. Each session is an opportunity for growth, creativity, and building bonds that last a lifetime.

Heart to Heart, Term 3, 2023, Muswellbrook High School


In these sessions, student have been given encouragement to work through any difficulties they may be facing, incorporate mindfulness into their lives, and offers a safe environment where students can connect with a range of adult mentors, supportive peers and access professional assistance if required.

Last terms Heart to Heart program with Year 7

It has been a pleasure to watch the students flourish as they take part in this program so far.

To see each student’s artwork journey from week to week is amazing and to build connections with other fellow students that they would not usually connect with.

Each of the students own artwork is unique and to the artwork develop into something that they each take pride in and are proud of their achievement is very special.

At the end of the program we host a celebration and this is the opportunity for family and friends to join the students in celebrating their journey through the Heart to Heart art and wellbeing program.

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Mel Powell
Youth and Family Support Worker
Upper Hunter Youth Services

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