Why Access Counselling?

Why Access Counselling?

Mental health is about our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Like physical health, there are times when our mental health needs attention. Seeking help for mental health should be a normal part of taking care of our overall well-being.

A Safe Place

Everyone needs help sometimes, and there’s no shame in reaching out for extra support during tough times. Counselling offers a way to get support for our mental health. It provides a safe, supportive, and confidential space where you can talk without fear of judgment.

Support for Every-Day Situations

Counselling isn’t just for crises. It can help with finding different ways to manage everyday life and stressful situations. It can assist in building healthier relationships, understanding sexuality and identity, resolving mental health concerns, gaining a different perspective on life, and adapting to life changes.

Big Life Events

Counselling is particularly beneficial after significant life events such as family separation, grieving a loved one (including pets), a physical health diagnosis, abuse, accidents, or natural disasters. Following a traumatic event, our mind and body can respond in various ways. These symptoms may be difficult to cope with. During counselling, several therapeutic approaches are incorporated into the session to teach you alternate ways of managing.

Getting Support

If you or someone you know could benefit from any of our Upper Hunter Youth Services support services including seeing our Adolescent and Family Councillor, our Family Support Worker or event visiting our Youth Programs Centre, simply request a call back today and we will be in touch to help you in find the support you need.

Please note that UHYS counselling does not provide crisis counselling. For crisis situations, please reach out to the following services:


Taya King
Adolescent & Family Counsellor
Upper Hunter Youth Services

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